Of Darkest Nights is a music project by Chris Weststrate. The project is more known for doing remixes for popular rock bands, but also has created original music .

ODN’s first release came in form of an EP titled “Creation & Deconstruction,” a release that is collection of a few years of songs remixes for fun that finally received a proper release. A remix of “Ever” was featured on the EP that was part of a “Team Sleep” contest and ultimately was part of the top 30 remixes for the song in the country. The EP contained 2 singles, “Discipline (Falling Reality Mix)” and “Dreamland (Ashes Mix).”

That same year, ODN took on a challenge to remix Crosses’ first EP and released in the form of a 5-song EP titled “his is A Mu†iny.” This release also had 2 singles “†hholyghs† (Sinis†er Mix)” and “Op†ion (Some†hing To Remember Mix).” 

We Are Satellites” is ODN’s first album, containting remixes of bands like Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails, Julien-K and more. Linkin Park’s “Burning In The Skies (Blood Of Innocence Mix)” leads as the album’s first single and was available to download 4 months before the album’s release. It later spawned a 2nd single with “Prurien† (Lus†ful Lascivious Mix)” which featured backing vocals by Renae Weststrate. On the same day of “We Are Satellites” release, the B-Side album, “Missing Secrets,” was released for 24 hours. The album contained everything from discarded remixes, b-sides for singles, as well as songs created a decade ago.

ODN later went on to release “Falling To The System,” a 6-song EP that featured Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails, Evanescence, and Papa Roach. “Still Swingin (Beacon In The Dark)” was released as the EP’s first single.

Less than year later, “In Triumph And Tragedy” was released, a Linkin Park based remix album. The album combined all Linkin Park remixes made prior, as well as 7 new remixes made specifically for the album. “New Divide (SevenThreeOne Mix)” was available for streaming a couple of months before the album’s release.

In 2014, the 6-song EP, “Until Tomorrow,” was released featuring Linkin Park and Nine Inch Nails once again, along with Korn and Metric. The EP also featured a new ODN song called “The Coldest Mornings,” named in dedication of one of the coldest winters to hit his home state and the feeling of having to rush outside in the earliest mornings.

In same year, “Realities” was released, a Metric based remix EP. The EP features 2 prior remixes, as well as 4 new remixes. 2 song videos were released for promotion of the release with “Gimme Sympathy (All The Unknown Mix)” and new song “Blindess (World At My Feet).”

All releases were and continue to be free for download.