1. Of Darkest Nights – The Coldest Mornings
  2. Linkin Park – A Light That Never Comes (The Nights Go On Mix)
  3. Korn – Open Up (Head In The Sky Mix)
  4. Nine Inch Nails – The Good Soldier (Hope You Understand Mix)
  5. Metric – Gimme Sympathy (All The Unknown Mix)

Released March 18th, 2014

All songs remixed by Chris Weststrate

Interesting Facts:

The Good Soldier at one point had a much longer remix name. It was once called “Hope You Understand The Way That Things Are Gonna Be Mix.”

The Coldest Morning demo name was “Coldest Nights”

The Coldest Morning got it’s name from the rush of running outside through the coldest of days.

The remix of Korn’s song “Love Song” was on the standard tracklisting but was pulled in favor of “Open Up.”

“Love Song” was released with Deluxe Edition, along with Metric’s “Gold Gun Girls.”