†his Is A Mu†iny


  1. † (Virus Mix)
  2. †his Is A †rick (†ake †his Mix)
  3. Bermuda Locke† (Darkes† Mu†iny Mix)
  4. †hholyghs† (Sinis†er Mix)
  5. Op†ion (Some†hing †o Remember Mix)

Released November 22nd, 2011

All songs remixed by Chris Weststrate

†his Is A Mu†iny (Sampler)

by ††† | †his Is A Mu†iny

Interesting Facts:

2 “Special Edition” versions were released for 24 hours containing alternate artwork and 2 bonus tracks.. The tracks were “†his Is A †rick (Las† S†and Mix)” and “† (†yran† Mix).” The other “Special Edition” had the same tracks, but also had the video made for “†hholyghs† (Sinis†er Mix).”

The remix name of “† (Virus Mix)” is a salute to the Resident Evil series. When people heard me remix the song, they said it sounded “creepy and evil.” After this was said, it automatically had to be called the virus mix.

The remix name of “†his Is A †rick (†ake †his Mix)” is also a salute to Stabbing Westward. They had a remix of their own song called “Save Yourself (Save This Remix).”

The remix name of “Bermuda Locke† (Darkes† Mu†iny Mix)” came from the demo name of the original Bermuda Locke† song. It was originally called “Mutiny.”

The remix name of “†hholyghs† (Sinis†er Mix)” came from the feeling I had after I finished “† (Virus Mix).” I had finished “†” right before starting “†hholyghs†.”

The remix name of “Op†ion (Some†hing †o Remember Mix)” is kept a secret.

The photograph of my face was taken by my brother, Alex Weststrate.

“†hholyghs† (Sinis†er Mix)” was chosen as the single after a survey was taken with a limited amount of people. Those people received a copy of the single for “†hholyghs†” via download.