1. Shinedown – Diamond Eyes (One Push Mix)
  2. We Are The Fallen – Bury Me Alive (The Nightmare You’ve Become Mix)
  3. Linkin Park – Somewhere I Belong (The Fault Mix)
  4. Evanescence – Going Under (Scream At Me Mix)
  5. I Will Never Be The Same – Fantasy (Cum To Me Mix)
  6. How To Destroy Angels – How Long (Keep Holding On Mix)
  7. Korn – Love Song (Bouquet Of Pills Mix)
  8. Celldweller – Welcome To The End (Alone With You Mix)
  9. GLaDOS – Still Alive (Out Of Cake Remix)
  10. Daft Punk – The Grid (Strings Mix)
  11. Of Darkest Nights – Battle From Within (2010 Instrumental Demo)
  12. Of Darkest Nights – Pointe Under (2003 Kaustik Instrumental Demo)
  13. Of Darkest Nights – The Reign Song (2003 Instrumental Demo)
  14. Of Darkest Nights – Analyzer Ending (2004 Instumental Demo)

Released March 24th, 2017

All songs remixed by Chris Weststrate


Click Here to download “Lights Out”

Interesting Facts:

    • “Lights Out” is a collection of new remixes and b-sides, and is the 10th release all together by Of Darkest Nights.
    • This is the final release before the collections album, “Daylight”
    • 5 of the songs were scrapped from “I Am Here To Destroy You” due to the flow of the release.
    • “Bury Me Alive” was created specifically for “Lights Out” and currently the only one created for the release.
    • Tracks 12-14 are the oldest tracks known, one of them being from a project called “Kaustik”
    • Track 9 was originally going to be a hidden track on the “I Am Here To Destroy You” EP.