1. New Divide (SevenThreeOne Mix)
  2. Burning In The Skies (Blood Of Innocence Mix)
  3. Waiting For The End (Moving On Mix)
  4. Breaking The Habit (Embrace The Broken Mix)
  5. What I’ve Done (Face Yourself! Mix)
  6. Lost In The Echo (Lapis Lazuli Mix)
  7. The Catalyst (Loaded Gun Mix)
  8. Blackout (Embrace The Fallen Mix)
  9. In The End (Scarlet Mix)
  10. With You (Hybrination Mix f/ Aceyalone)
  11. Numb (Undertow Mix)
  12. Shadow Of The Day (Embrace The End Mix)

Released October 15th, 2013

All songs remixed by Chris Weststrate

In Triumph And Tragedy (Sampler)

by Linkin Park | In Triumph and Tragedy

Interesting Facts:

    • New Divide’s remix name comes from the first 3 numbers of my family phone number as a child
    • Breaking The Habit, Blackout, and Shadow Of The Day remix names come from the story I am writing on and off. The trilogy of stories goes in the order of which the tracklisting states: Broken, Fallen, End.
    • The title “In Triumph And Tragedy” comes from Linkin Park’s production period of “Minutes To Midnight.” It was one of the album titles they had in mind for that release but ultimately went with MTM.
    • “Somewhere I Belong (The Fault Mix)” was bonus track on the deluxe edition.