Today, a little over 10 years after it’s released, a special anniversary album for “This Is A Mutiny” was put out for everyone to listen to.

A message that went with the album states this:

A lot has changed in the course of 10 years.

But my love for “this is a Mutiny” never changed.

10 years ago, I had no idea how important “Mutiny” would be to the “OF Darkest Nights” project. How loved it would become and the support I received.

Over time, the original files for “Mutiny” became outdated and thought to have been lost. As time went on, I worked trying to recover the files and in 2021, I was successful.

So, I have been silently waiting and working on it’s Re-release. Going through each file and worked on fixes and levels to get it up to date.

While working on this, I created 2 new tracks, inspired by working on the originals and listening to crosses’ old and new tracks.

I hope you enjoy this “Revisited” Release as much as I do. it has been quite a journey and there is still more to come.

So, head on over to the “This Is A Mutiny (Revisited)” page under the albums tab. As always, it is completely free.

Looking toward the future, I’m proud to announce a new EP is coming in 2022. With this release, I decided to resurrect a working title I had in the past, “The Effects Of…”