Today marks the release of “The Warlock (Part 1) – The Prologue.” The Warlock is a 3 part series of releases planned throughout 2019.

This release is a band dedicated release for the group “Starset,” with the song “Die For You (When Galaxies Collide)” leading the way as the first single of the Warlock series.

“Die For You” was the first song I remixed after “Lights Out” was released and was meant to go on the “Daylight” release. But since I prolonged my “retirement,” I decided to put on the first Warlock for those of you who have been waiting for it.

The Warlock (Part 1) is available in the EP section of the site. Just click the download button and unrar the file. They are available is the highest quality MP3 format.

Enjoy the release. Part 2 is not very far behind.