As reported from Facebook:

So, everyone who knows me knows I have been doing remixes for quite a long time for someone with no media backing, no label, and puts his creations out for free.

My upcoming release, “Daylight,” was meant to be the final release, as I felt like I didn’t have the drive in me to continue “Of Darkest Nights.” The release was meant to be a collection of the singles from every release along with a couple new songs.

Then something happened. 2 new songs turned into 3, and then to 4, and then to 5…

I somehow found my drive again and have decided that I’m not ready for “retirement” quite yet.

So for right now, I’m postponing the release of “Daylight” indefinitely and will be releasing an EP by the end of the year. I will be posting the title within the next few days.

It is as simple as that folks. I’m not ready to throw in the towel or push to retire ODN. “The Warlock” is definitely has taken me in directions that in some ways different for me. I listen to some of these tracks I created and it makes me to get these tracks out as soon as I can. But I find that releasing these tracks in sections would be a new, fresh way of doing things for the ODN name.

3 EPs will be released. Each one containing 2-3 tracks. Some are going to be bands I’ve worked with before, some are new bands I have decided to take a chance on.

I hope you enjoy these tracks as I put them out.

“The Warlock Part.1: The Prologue EP” is due this December, with Part 2 and 3 to soon follow, all coming together to form a new album.

Details coming soon.