This version of “Tornadoes” was released on December 10th, 2015.
Compared to the original release, it includes the 3 bonus tracks and 7 instrumentals. It also features new artwork.
Along with Standby, this is a re-release of the original with extra material under FiXT’s record label.
For full lyrics, along with song previews, click on the song title.


01. Tornadoes
02. As My Heart Explodes
03. This Will All Be Over Soon
04. Fade Down
05. Lost Gravity
06. Fall Apart
07. Fantasy
08. Fire Inside
09. Pushing Objects Through Walls
10. To Walk Into The Night Alone
11. The Last Day
12. The Wind
13. Hold
14. Fantasy (Blue Book Remix)
15. To Walk Into The Night Alone (Extended Version)
16. Tornadoes (Instrumental)
17. As My Heart Explodes (Instrumental)
18. This Will All Be Over Soon (Instrumental)
19. Fade Down (Instrumental)
20. Fall Apart (Instrumental)
21. Pushing Objects Through Walls (Instrumental)
22. The Last Day (Instrumental)

All songs and lyrics written, produced, performed, and mixed by Josh Atchley Mastered by Christian Dwiggins at The Engine Room Studios

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