Visitors previews are here!

Visitors previews are here!

Find yourself searching for new I Will Never Be The Same songs? Swear you heard a new clip but can’t remember where you heard it from?

Wait no longer! Everything Visitors has been collected and put on a page for you listening pleasure. Go to the “Visitors” album page where I will be continuing to collect songs as they are released. It also has updated information about the album as well.

Stay tuned for more information. Keep that fire burning!

Unreleased Cover Surfaces

Unreleased Cover Surfaces

Back in 2010, IWNBTS recorded and released for a short period of time a cover to one of Quicksand’s hit songs, “Fazer.”

Fire Inside was able to get a hold of it and was given permission to not only upload it for streaming, but make it available for download.

This is highest quality found. If anyone has a higher quality version of the song, please contact the site.

Welcome back!

Welcome to new Every page has been touched in some sort of way and the site has a sleeker layout.

Here is some notes about changes made to the site other than layout

  • Discography: Updated with more information and the lyrics to the songs now have song videos to accompany them.
  • Downloads: Added 2 songs to the list and have opened a new visual download page. More is coming to the visuals page.
  • Videos: Added “As My Heart Explodes (Lyric Video)” to the list. Videos are also bigger for desktop/laptop computer monitors.
  • Contact: You can now send me messages straight from the site. Contact me if you have IWNBTS news, questions, or issues with the site.

More will be on the way. This new layout makes it easier to update and add more things. Hope everyone enjoys.

PS: Sorry for the delay in the relaunch. I was injured with a pulled muscle and a pinched nerve in my left arm, making it hard to sit at a computer or do anything for that matter.

No news is good news

Sorry for the lack of news on the fansite end of things, IWNBTS news has been far and rare as Josh is busy putting the final touches on the release. Here is what we know right now:

  • The album has reverted back to being an EP and is still slated to be released in 2015.
  • The live member of the group, Charles Lee Salvaggio, posted on a visitor comment stating, “We are working very hard! We have a lot of material finished. We are alive and well… We recently signed to a label. So if you hang in there…This will NOT let you down.”
  • According to this article from July, I Will Never Be The Same is putting the finishing touches on his theatrical FiXT debut. Could there be a music video in the making?

So far, that is what I can post about IWNBTS.

News on the fansite is that when we all get closer to the release of Visitors, I will be updating the look of fansite to match the theme of the EP. I’m also working on some additional features for Fire Inside.

If you need to get re-excited for Visitors and a need to re-ignite the fire inside you, just give this and this another listen.

Stay tuned


Welcome to

Welcome to the fansite for the Josh Atchley’s “I Will Never Be The Same.”

Here is an introduction to what the website features.

Discography features all of IWNBTS’ known releases. It not only has the tracklistings and where to buy them, but clicking on the song titles will give you detailed lyrics, some that were incomplete on other lyric websites until now.

Downloads is for songs that were authorized by Josh to be available for your listening pleasure. Hopefully, more will be added in the future. Right now, it features his remix to How To Destroy Angels‘ song, “Strings And Attractors.”

Videos has some videos that has seen around the net and some that are hard to find. I will continue to add to this menu when more are found and/or submitted. Among these videos is a sneak peak at a new song “Forces.”

Links shows you where all you can find I Will Never Be The Same, including where to purchase his music.

More is still to come, including an exclusive with Josh about what to expect of Visitors and some history of I Will Never Be The Same. Stay tuned.