A┬áday for every IWNBTS fan is upon us. FiXT and I Will Never Be The Same just announced the release of the new single, “Forces,” from the upcoming full length album, “Visitors.”

Here is a short description of the song:

“”Forces” hails the emotionally evocative return of I Will Never Be The Same. In anticipation of the approaching 3rd full length album, Visitors, “Forces” sets the stage by showcasing IWNBTS‘s ability to seamlessly weave cinematic explorations with driving rock grooves, downtempo electronic beats and melodically soothing vocals.”

A page with lyrics has been made available on the site with song available for full-streaming, along with a link to purchase the single.

Currently, there is no official word on when the album is going to be released but with how much material has been floating around, expect it to be soon,

I will be hard at work soon putting a “Visitors” information page that will eventually transition into the album page where people can get up-to-date information as it is revealed, including clips of the songs that have been release so far.

Until then, go and purchase this song. Show FiXT and Josh that the fire inside is still burning within you.