Originally created by Chris Weststrate in August 26th, 2018, “Era Of Analog” is fansite dedicated in promoting the musical group, “Julien-K.” The mission is to bring Julien-K fans up-to-date news, information, shows, and the newest of media.


I discovered Julien-K when a friend passed along to me a MP3 of a song “This Machine.” I was instantly hooked, not knowing who the band consisted of and where they came from. So, I did a little digging to discover that Julien-K was consisted of member of Orgy, a band I got into when “Fiction” was rotating around on TRL (Back when MTV used to be about music and music videos.)

“Death To Analog” released and it never left CD player and iPod. Every song had it’s own little spell on me and I could not stop listening.

Fast forward 9 years. I was in the beginning stages of creating a fansite for the group, as I scoured the internet and could not find any that were still active. It was also during this time that I found out that Julien-K was playing a show nearby and it was a no brainer… I had to go. After their set, I had the amazing opportunity to meet the band and hang with them for a bit.

While talking to Ryan about the fansite and a name that I had been thinking about (Death To Analog), he suggested an idea of his own. Era Of Analog. I couldn’t say no and quickly agreed that the name would be amazing and what I would end up going with.


Have some awesome Julien-K news we haven’t posted yet? Have the lyrics for a song that we don’t have? Or maybe just a general question about the site? Contact the site and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Chris Weststrate

Owner & Webmaster

Augusta, Michigan

Favorite Julien-K Songs:

  • Death To Analog: “Forever” & “Futura“
  • We’re Here With You: “Breakfast In Berlin” & “Nights Of Future Past
  • California Noir Ch. 1: “Strange Invisible” & “She’s The Pretender
  • California Noir Ch. 2: “Mannequin Eyes” & “Solar
  • Time Capsule: “The Hunting” & “Cowboys and Runaways
  • Harmonic Disruptor: “Stronger Without You” & “Burn The System